Gunflint Trail Entry Points

#43 Bower Trout Lake

Similar to other entry points in this area, Bower Trout allows only one group per day to enter resulting in paddlers finding solitude, even during the busiest times of summer. All the lakes in this chain are part of the Brule River, which means that unlike other entry points in the area Walleye can be found in all the lakes.

            Suggested Route: Bower Trout/ Marshall/ Swan

#44 Ram Lake

This small entry point offers only one permit per day and requires visitors to portage 100 yards to Ram lake. Once at Ram visitors will find plenty of Lake Trout and some groups will choose to base camp Ram. Other options are to travel in a few lakes for an out and back trip or complete a loop and exit through Morgan lakes. This route is a good for a 3-5 day trip and requires either two vehicles or one member of the group to walk or bike the road a few miles between these entry points.

            Suggested Route: Ram/Little Trout/Vista/Morgan

#45 Morgan Lake

Access to Morgan begins with a 370 Rod portage which is enough to keep this area lightly traveled and best suited for groups who pack light. The long portage will reward you with some solitude as you explore a small loop through Morgan, Jackal, Lux and Carl Lakes. This area provides good fishing for northern pike.

            Suggested Route: Morgan/Carl/Lux/Jake