#45 Morgan Lake

Access to Morgan begins with a 370 Rod portage which is enough to keep this area lightly traveled and best suited for groups who pack light. The long portage will reward you with some solitude as you explore a small loop through Morgan, Jackal, Lux and Carl Lakes. This area provides good fishing for northern pike.

Suggested Route:

Days: 3-4

Features: solitude, lots of Northern Pike, Long portage in and out

Day 1: You’ll find solitude on this trip for three reasons. They are the long portage into Morgan, the fact that each lake only has one campsite on it and because there is only one permit per day allowed into Morgan. This entry is best suited for base camp trips either setting up at Lux Lake or Carl Lake. Spend your first day completing the long portage and getting to camp early. All of these lakes have high populations of Northern Pike so fishing should be great for anglers casting spoons, spinners or crankbaits.

Day 2: Spend you second day exploring and catching fish. After you have completed the long portage yesterday everything else on this route will be much shorter. It is likely that you will have all four lakes to yourself or shared with just one other group so enjoy the solitude.

Day 3 (optional): If you have more time on your trip you can spend several more days fishing this loop or you can take day trips into Vista and Misquah. Look for walleye on Vista and Lake trout on Misquah. For the more ambitious groups willing to take a 230 Rod portage a day trip into Little Trout Lake may prove worth the effort. This lake’s namesake says it all, Little Trout hosts a very high population of eater size trout, averaging roughly two pounds. Fish will be concentrated over the deep section of this lake in midsummer and should offer great angling opportunities for those prepared to fish deep.

Day 4: On your final day you will complete this loop by paddling Jake and Morgan, before doing the long portage out of Morgan for your second time. Hopefully light food packs will make this trip easier than the trip into Morgan.