Arrowhead Trail Entry Points

#68 Pine Lake Entry Point 

Paddlers will begin their trip on McFarland Lake before entering Pine Lake via a very short portage. This is a route that would be great for anyone wishing to kayak due to minimal portaging and the length of Pine Lake. After paddling across Pine Lake you can hike up to Johnson Falls, which is one of the most iconic waterfalls in Boundary Waters.

            Suggested Route: Pine Lake Base Camp

#69 John Lake

Access to John Lake can begins at the same parking lot as access to Pine Lake, however for this route you will travel north from your vehicle. The route leads to East and West Pike Lake, both of which have great fishing opportunities. After a few more short lake sections the final stretch of this route is on Pine Lake and is highlighted by a chance to swim at Johnson Falls. This route is located along the Border Route Hiking Trail, which provides great opportunity to get out and stretch your legs while enjoying some great vistas. Be careful of wind along this route as the lakes are long and tend to funnel winds and produce large waves.

            Suggested Route: East Pike/ West pike/ Clearwater/ Pine

#70 North Fowl Lake

Accessing at North Fowl begins similar to entering at John lake. Canoeist will travel the royal River into South fowl which connects North Fowl Lake. They will then enter the Boundary Waters at a portage between North Fowl and Moose Lake. From there many paddlers will choose to continue on to Mountain Lake to base camp on this gorgeous deep lake full of trout and many good campsites. For the more ambitious paddlers a large loop trip can be done by continuing onto Clearwater and taking Pine Lake or the Pike Lakes back to your starting point.

            Suggested Route: North Fowl/Moose/Mountain/Clearwater/Pine