Canoe Rental

Rentals Include: Life jackets, paddles, yoke w/pads, and car top carrier. Paddles and life jackets provided with the rental will be based on the type of canoe you rent.

With our tandem canoes, we provide: 2 paddles and 2 life jackets, 3 person canoes come with 3 paddles and 3 life jackets. If you need extras, they are available for rent.

All rentals are based on a calendar day (not a 24 hour period).

Allowed on inland lakes only

*Upgrade to a high performance, ultra-light weight carbon paddle for an additional $8/paddle/day.

We are conveniently located near the following BWCA Entry Points:

(41) Brule, (40) Homer, (39) Baker, (38) Sawbill, (37) Kawishiwi, (36) Hog Creek

We are also on the way to the Sawbill, Caribou, Gunflint, and Arrowhead trails.

Wenonah Canoes

Spirit II | 17′ | 42lbs | Kevlar – Versatile tandem with excellent performance & easy handling. – $45.00/Day

Boundary Waters | 17′ | 42lbs | Kevlar – Rock-solid stability, easy maneuvering, high capacity & good glide. – $45.00

Basswood | 17′ | 46lbs| Kevlar – Deep/seaworthy hull design with greater capacity and stability. Can be set up for fishing with a Scotty adjustable track rod holder/mount that integrates with the new Versigunwale (VSG) trim package: $45/Day, add a rod holder: $6/day

Champlain | 18′ | 46lbs | Kevlar – Canoe designed for big loads with enhanced efficiency & seaworthiness. – $45.00/Day

MN II | 18’6″ | 42lbs | Kevlar – Most efficient canoe, great for the experienced paddlers. – $45.00/Day

Northstar Canoes – By Ted Bell

Northwind 17 | 17.5′ | 41lbs | StarLite – Maneuverable, efficient, stable. Northstar’s most popular tandem flatwater tripping canoe. – $45.00/Day

*Royalex is a sandwich of many different layers of materials chosen and fused together to create the desired performance characteristics. Kind of like a plastic boat without all the weight.

Wenonah Canoes

Aurora | 16′ | 67lbs – Great for fishing and paddling lakes as well as rivers. – $33.00/Day

Grumman Canoes

15′ | 59lbs – Good for day trips, comes with seat/yoke combo for 3rd person. – $33.00/Day

17′ | 66lbs – Perfect size for most trips, comes with seat/yoke combo for a 3rd seat. – $33.00/Day

18′ | 72lbs – Good for those larger loads or 3rd person, comes with a seat/yoke combo. – $33.00/Day

Wenonah Canoes

Prism | 16’6″ | 32lbs | Kevlar – All purpose solo with a good blend of stability, efficiency and capacity. – $35.00/Day

Basswood Solo| 15′6″ | 34lbs | Kevlar – Stable/seaworthy yet efficient hull design. Set up for fishing with option for a Scotty adjustable track rod holder/mount that integrates with the new Versigunwale (VSG) trim: $35/Day, add a rod holder attachment: $6/Day

Wenonah Canoes

Seneca | 19’4″| 55lbs | Kevlar – Wide and stable canoe with LOTS of room for gear. – $52.00/Day

MN III | 20′ | 55lbs | Kevlar – Bigger version of the MN II, very efficient for 3 experienced paddlers. – $52.00/Day

Northstar Canoes – By Ted Bell

Northwind 18 | 18’9″ | 48lbs | StarLite – Longer version of the Northwind 17 with a 3rd seat. – $52.00/Day

B-19 | 19’6″ | 51lbs | StarLite New for 2021! – Deep/high-capacity hull with great maneuverability and removable 3rd seat. — $52/Day

Northstar Canoes

Northwind 20 | 20’5″ | 53lbs | StarLite – 4 seat canoe that despite it’s length, handles impressively and turns with ease, great for the whole family. – $58.00/Day

Conveniently located and on the way to all of the south and eastern BWCAW entry points.

Primary entry points to BWCA