There are endless places to go canoeing up here, however Lake Superior is not one of them as it is too unpredictable and potentially dangerous.

Day Trips in the Boundary Waters

These Boundary Waters entry points range from 25-35 miles from our shop. Anyone can enter the Boundary Waters for the day at no cost. We have the day use permits here as well as maps and info. If you would like to camp overnight you will have to get an overnight permit for a fee (we can help you with that as well).

Brule Lake

Brule Lake is one of the largest non motorized lake in the Boundary Waters. It offer far more water than a group can explore in a day. One great option is the head east from the landing and paddle down to the portage into Vernon Lake where you’ll find a cascading waterfall connecting Brule and Vernon. This route is around 6 miles round trip and can be an all day event. Bring a lunch and enjoy one of the campsites along the way. This route requires good map reading skills to navigate the large island filled lake and is not recommended on days with high winds due to the size of Brule Lake. This area is also a great place to go for those who prefer to kayak.

Baker Lake Entry Point

This route offers groups the opportunity to explore several smaller lakes within the Boundary Waters. The lakes in this chain are part of upper Temperance River, however they are much calmer and do not resemble the Temperance River that many people visit along Highway 61. Due to the smaller lakes on this route wind is rarely a major concern.  There are several portages on this route; however they are all fairly short. Groups can travel as far into the wilderness as they choose and turn around half way through the day. Fishing along this route can be good with Walleye and Smallmouth Bass being the main targeted species. Be quiet as you paddle and you may be rewarded with a moose sighting in one of the shallow bays or small creeks along this route.


Outside the Boundary Waters

If you would like to go someplace a little closer, there are many lakes in the Superior National Forest to choose from. Most have camping and good fishing.

Fourmile Lake

Fourmile Lake is one of the closest non-developed lakes to our shop. It offers a great full or half day trip for wildlife viewers and photographers. Groups regularly see bald eagles, beavers and lots of waterfowl. If you are lucky you may even see a moose or two as there have been cow and calf moose using this lake during many of the past seasons.  Anglers can try their hand at the lakes healthy populations of Walleye. Those looking for a longer trip can enjoy lunch or even an overnight stay at one of the rustic campsite on Fourmile.

Caribou Lake

Caribou lake is the closest of our recommended day trip routes. It is roughly a 14 miles drive from our shop and is entirely on paved roads. Although Caribou Lake has cabins and other development along the shorelines it still offers plenty of great scenery. Caribou is a good option for people looking for a shorter day trip or just getting into paddling and not wanting to be too far from civilization.

Toohey Lake

Toohey is a shallow lake just south of the Boundary Waters. The main attraction to this lake is the large population of eater size walleyes. Anglers will find schools of fish scattered in this lake by slow trolling live bait rigs. Once you find them slow down and cast or bobber fish. At times fishing right outside the bulrush can bring success. As always please take just a few fish for a nice meal and leave the rest for next time.

Timber- Frear Loop

For the most adventurous day trippers the Timber – Frear Loop offers several remote lakes connected by portage trails, one of which is half mile long. Paddlers will explore 5 different lakes in this area which closely resembles the Boundary Waters. Several back county campsites are available for those looking to have lunch or even extend this trip to a multiple day adventure.  This area contains some great fishing. Anglers can cover water and catch fish at the same time by trolling as they pass through the area. Good numbers of Walleye can found in all lakes on this chain, except for Lost Lake which host an impressive population of Northern Pike. See Forest Service Route Description and Map

Overnight  Boundary Waters Canoe Trips

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