Camping Equipment & Shuttles

All rentals are based on a calendar day (not a 24 hour period).

Granite Gear Traditional Packs- Food or #4 – $7.00/Day
Granite Gear Expedition Packs – $8.00/Day
Solo, Quetico or Superior One
Food Barrel W/ Harness: 30 or 60L – $9.00/Day
Sleeping Bags
Mummy 35° – $7.00/Day
Nemo Spoon 20° – $11.00/Day
Sleeping Pads
Therm-a-rest – $6.00/Day
Nemo Cosmo Air – $9.00/Day
Helinox Cot One – $12.00/Day
Crazy Creek – $4.50/Day
Helinox Chair One – $8.00/Day
Helinox Swivel Chair – $8.00/Day
Crazy Creek 6×8′ – $4.00/Day
Crazy Creek 10×12′ – $4.00/Day
ENO 9.2 x13′ – $4.00/Day
Timberline 4 Person – $13.00/Day
Timberline 6 Person – $15.00/Day
Kelty Pro 2 person – $14.00/Day
Kelty Pro 4 person – $16.00/Day
Kelty Trailridge 6 person – $18.00/Day
Nemo Losi 2 Person – $18.00/Day
Nemo Bungalow 4 Person – $20.00/Day
Cook Kit (4 Person):
Medium or Large Size – $6.00/Day
Deluxe Cook Kit – $8.00/Day
Water Filter:
MSR Pump – $6.00/Day
Platypus Gravity Filter – $8.00/Day
Stove: (Fuel NOT included)
MSR 1-Burner Canister – $7.00/Day
Coleman 2-Burner Canister – $8.00/Day
Jetboil double burner folding stove – $11.00/Day

Satellite Communication
Garmin inReach (3 day Minimum) – $23.00/Day plus $.50/text
Aluminum – $4.00/Day
Wood (straight) – $5.00/Day
Wood (bent) – $6.00/Day
Carbon (bent) – $10.00/Day
Kayak – $5.00/Day
SUp – $5.00/Day
Boat Accessories:
Yoke Pads: Tandem Canoe – $6.00/Day
Yoke Pads: Solo Canoe – $8.00/Day
Life Vest – $4.50/Day
3rd Drop Seat (clamp on) – $6.00/Day
Camping Accessories
Ax – $5.00/Day
Saw – $4.50/Day
Bear Rope – $3.00/Day
Single w/straps – $7.00/Day
Double w/straps – $9.00/Day

Shuttle Service

We offer shuttles along the North Shore for mountain biking and hiking.

One-Way  Hiking Trips:
Britton Peak Trail Head – $25
Oberg Mountain TH – $40
Lutsen Mountains TH – $40
Temperance River TH – $25
Cramer Rd TH – $35
Caribou Lake TH – $60
Caribou Falls Wayside – $50

Other SHT Trail Head shuttles – Call for quote

Mountain Bike Singletrack Shuttles


We have put from one to three canoes on all types of vehicles, except motorcycles. Foam blocks or roof racks are provided. If you have your own rack, we can extend it to haul two canoes.

Deposit & Cancellation

  • We require a 30% deposit of the total rental at the time the reservation is made.
  • If a cancellation notice is given 14 days prior to arrival date your deposit will be refunded minus a $20.00 processing fee.
  • Cancellations within 14 days of your trip will mean a loss of the deposit.
  • Cancellations within 1 day of your trip will mean a loss of 50% of the total rental.
  • Cancellations the day of your trip will mean a loss of the entire rental cost.

Early Returns

We understand that Mother Nature can be unpredictable and at times very challenging for wilderness travelers. We would be thrilled if everyone could experience great weather, minimal bugs etc… If requested, early returns will be given a (one day only) credit towards your future trip, no money back.

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