Days 3-5

Features : Walleye fishing, base camp, Brule River

Day 1: Entering off the Bower Trout Lake Road you will have an 80 rod portage into the north shore of Bower Trout.  After crossing Bower Trout you’ll find a 90 rods portage into Marshall.  These will be the two longest portages of the route with everything else being less than 40 yards.  We recommend setting camp on one of these first two lakes as there will not be any more campsites until you reach Swan Lake. The site on Marshall is the nicest of these sites. It is next to a small rapid of the Brule River. Especially early in the year the area around this site should offer good Walleye fishing. Smallmouth Bass can be found in this area throughout the season.

Day 2:

The trek from Marshal to Sawn lake contains four portages around sections of the Brule River, which connects the lakes in this chain. Once on Swan Lake try to get the site on the point of the north shore of the lake. This lake is popular for base camping although continuing across the long portage into Vernon lake allows groups the options to complete several long loops. If you choose to do a longer route get a hold of us and we can help with your plans

Day 3:

Spend a layover day or two relaxing and swimming on Swan Lake. For the fisherman in the group try for Walleye and Smallmouth Bass on Swan Lake or take the minimally maintained portage into Lac Lake to fish for Northern Pike.

Day 4: With lighter food packs traveling all the way to your vehicle from Swan will be more doable than on the way in. Get an early start as you will have 6 portages on your way out. Some old maps show a portage along the Brule River on the very east side of Bower Trout leading to the road (Lima Grade). This is an old trail and no longer maintained so don’t be fooled.