#44 Ram Lake Entry Point

This small entry point offers only one permit per day and requires visitors to portage 100 rods to Ram lake. Once at Ram visitors will find plenty of Lake Trout and some groups will choose to base camp Ram. Other options are to travel in a few lakes for an out and back trip or complete a loop and exit through Morgan lakes. This route is a good for a 3-5 day trip and requires either two vehicles or one member of the group to walk or bike the road a few miles between these entry points. If you choose to complete the loop pack light and prepare for some tough portages with steep hills and many large boulders.

Suggested Route:

Days 3-5

Features: Solitude, Lake Trout, small lake travel, loop route, difficult portages

Note: Before starting this route be sure to figure out how you will get back to your vehicle after the paddle.

Day 1:

This is a route that begins with a portage of 100 Rods into Ram Lake. Ram is a great little lake full of Lake Trout. Although it is an entry point lake it does not feel like one. This is because it is a little used entry that allows only one permit per day. It is a great place to spend your first night and with any luck you’ll get a trout dinner out of it. Both campsites on Ram are nice, however the site on the west side of the lake has a difficult place to land and unload a canoe.

Day 2:

On the second day you will travel through Kroft and Rum lakes before setting up for the night on Little Trout Lake. Little Trout Lake earns its name as it host an impressive number of eater size Lake Trout. Little Trout has three campsites on it and sees light pressure compared to many other lakes in the Boundary Waters. If you plan to take a layover day on your trip this would be a great place to do so.

Day 3:

Your third travel day will begin with the longest portage yet on this route as a 230 rod portage leads you to Misquah Lake. This is on of the hardest portages you will encounter in the Boundary Waters. Take your time to avoid twisting your ankle on the steep hills and large boulders. Misquah Lake contains far fewer Lake Trout than Ram or Little Trout, but does provide the possibility of bigger fish. The next lake for the day will be Vista, which at 165 acres is the biggest lake on this loop. Vista also offers the best chance you’ll have at catching Walleye on this route. Some groups may choose to camp on Vista, while others will continue onto Lux or Carl. Both Lux and Carl offer great pike fish and only one camp site each. If you get one of these sites you will have the lake to yourself.

Day 4: On your final day you take a short portage into Morgan before a long 370 rod portage back to the road. Luckily this long portage is relatively flat and well maintained. Take your breaks if you need to and keep a positive attitude. Once this portage is over you will be back on the Lima Grade, which is the same road you park off to enter at Ram Lake. If you have two vehicles and parked one at Morgan you can drive back to Ram, otherwise it is a four mile walk. A third option is to bring a bicycle and lock it up at Morgan Lake before you start the trip.