New Gear


Plus receive an additional 15% off any accessories with the purchase of a New Canoe!

  • Wenonah MN II

    Northstar Magic w/ Aluminum Trim

    If you like to travel fast and quiet on big water the Magic is your choice. It tracks effortlessly, runs dry through chop, yet maneuvers cleanly around the snags at portages.

    Lay-up: StarLite
    Weight: 29lbs
    Length: 16ft

    New: $2300 | Sale: $2100

  • Northstar Northwind 16 StarLite w/ Aluminum Trim- CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

    If you want to explore rivers or paddle solo this is the canoe for you. It excels at maneuvering through backwaters and light rapids, yet you can load it for a week-long trip.

    Lay-up: StarLite w/ Aluminum Trim
    Weight: 38lbs
    Length: 16’6″

    New: $2595 | Sale: $2375    CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

  • Northstar Northwind 16 StarLite w/ Wood Trim

    If you want to explore rivers or paddle solo this is the canoe for you. It excels at maneuvering through backwaters and light rapids, yet you can load it for a week-long trip.

    Lay-up: StarLite w/ Wood Trim
    Weight: 38lbs
    Length: 16’6″

    New: $2975 | Sale: $2775

  • Northstar Northwind 17 StarLite w/ Aluminum Trim

    Our most popular tandem tripper. Remarkably maneuverable, yet reassuringly stable. Known to be the most seaworthy, yet fast, canoe available. When other canoes are wind bound you’ll enjoy the thrill of playing in the waves.

    Lay-up: StarLite w/ Aluminum Trim
    Weight: 40lbs
    Length: 17’6″

    New: $2595 | Sale: $2395

  • Northstar Seliga

    Northstar Seliga

    Joe Seliga built his wood canvas canoes in Ely, Minnesota for over 60 years. Seligas have been cherished by generations. When Joe was ready to pass on his legacy, he sought out Ted Bell and asked that his classic design continue. Here it is again.

    Lay-up: StarLite w/ Wood Trim
    Weight: 41lbs
    Length: 17′

    New: $3120 | Sale: $2920

  • Northwind Solo

    Northwind Solo w/ Aluminum Trim

    Do you want to paddle everywhere from lakes to rapids? Have a dog that shares the tent with you? Want to paddle everywhere with that dog? Look to the Northwind Solo.

    Material: Starlite
    Weight: 29lbs
    Length: 15’6″

    New: $2300 | Sale: $2100

  • Wenonah Boundary Waters- CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

    The Boundary Waters offers a unique blend of excellent stability and easy paddling. Extra fullness throughout the middle gives this canoe extra capacity.

    Lay-up: Ultra-light Kevlar
    Weight: 42 lbs.
    Length: 17′

    Outfitter Grade

    New: $2849 | Sale: $2450          CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

  • Wenonah MN II

    Wenonah MN II

    The Minnesota II is the most efficient, straight-tracking, tandem tripping canoe ever made. If you travel in Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area or Canada’s Quetico Park, you’ll see a lot of these canoes.

    Lay-up: Ultralight Kevlar
    Weight: 42 lbs.
    Length: 18′ 6″

    Outfitter Grade

    New: $2899 | Sale: $2500


Plus receive an additional 15% off any accessories with the purchase of a New Kayak!

  • Current Designs Double Vision Roto

    Like the entire Vision family, the Double Vision shares all the design, function, and performance of the solo Visions in a kayak for two. Offering high levels of stability and tracking, this boat will provide hours of paddling fun for the whole family.

    Lay-up: Rotomolded Polyethylene
    Weight: 88 lbs.
    Color: Red

    New: $1999 | Sale: $1700

  • Current Designs Kestrel 120- CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

    The Kestrel 120 is a  straight-tracking, easy to turn kayak  comfortable enough to use for exercise while providing a reliable platform from which to fish, take photos, observe wildlife or simply enjoy a relaxing jaunt.

    Lay-up: Rotomolded Polyethylene
    Weight: 48 lbs.
    Length: 12′
    Color: Red

    New: $800 | Sale: $700      CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

  • Current Designs Kestrel 140

    The ultra tough rotomolded model of the Kestrel 140 is a solid boat at a budget conscious price. Great to keep at the cabin for the family, the Kestrel 140 is perfect for the all around outdoorsmen as well. Rudder included.

    Lay-up: Rotomolded Polyethelene
    Weight: 55 lbs.
    Length: 13′ 6″
    Color: Yellow

    New: $1200 | Sale: $1000

  • Current Designs Squall GT

    Great for extensive trips the Squall GT has secure performance on all types of water. Rugged, stable, and a great performer, the Storm raises the bar for rotomolded kayaks.

    Lay-up: Rotomolded Polyethylene
    Weight: 63 lbs.
    Length: 17′ 6″
    Color: Lime Green

    New: $1550 | Sale: $1350

  • Current Designs Squall GTS- CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

    Scaled down for the smaller paddler or for someone wanting a slimmer, tighter fitting craft with all of the features and details of the Storm. Updated in 2012, the Squall GTS continues its lineage as a sleek and efficient rotomolded kayak ready for any of the world’s waters.

    Lay-up: Rotomolded Polyethylene
    Length: 16′ 6″
    Color: Lime Green
    Weight: 59 lbs.

    New: $1550 | Sale: $1350    CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

  • Current Designs Whistler

    Stable and very user friendly, the upswept bow makes the Whistler highly maneuverable while keeping you dry when waves kick up. A great kayak for activity oriented paddlers like photographers or fishermen. Rudder is not included (rudder kits are available for an additional $200).

    Lay-up: Rotomold
    Weight: 57 lbs.
    Color: Lime

    New: $1299 | Sale: $1000

  • Solara 100- CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

    Ultra-stable and incredibly spacious, the rotomolded Solara 100 is a great starter kayak for small to medium sized paddlers looking to spend leisurely days soaking up the sun in a kayak with style and safety.

    Weight: 54 lbs.
    Length: 10′
    Color: Pacific Swirl

    New: $600 | Sale: $500      CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

  • Solara 135- CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

    The Solara 135 Roto is a full sized recreational kayak perfect for medium to larger paddlers looking for an ultra-tough and budget conscious roto kayak. Its stable hull and open cockpit design makes it a great option for fishing as well.

    Lay-up: Rotomolded Poly
    Weight: 64 lbs.
    Length: 13′ 6″
    Color: Pacific Swirl

    New: $1000 | Sale: $900      CURRENTLY SOLD OUT