Moving and Getting Outside

We think being active and getting outdoors is extremely important. With all of the recent changes that are affecting our lives to slow the spread of Corona virus, we wanted to share a few of our favorite ideas of things you can do while you’re social distancing at home.

Outdoor Activities

  • Find some trails. Does your neighborhood have some hiking trails nearby? If so, find your hiking boots (or whatever you have – don’t let your shoes stop you) and take a walk on the trail. Go fast and work up a sweat or take a nice stroll.
  • Walk around the block. Don’t think you need to find a trail or go anywhere special. Sometimes, just stepping out your door for a quick stroll around the block (or 20) will do wonders for your mental and physical health. Above all, if you are able, get outside and walk.
  • Ride your bike. If you have clear, safe roads in your neighborhood, grab a jacket and helmet and go for a ride. Whether it be long or short, getting in the saddle will keep you moving and change the scenery all while keeping a healthy distance from others.

Indoor Adventures

  • Plan your next adventure. Are you stuck inside or can’t get out? Use any free time you have to plan your summer or fall adventures. Research where you want to go, the things there are to do there and make a list of all of the gear and rentals you will need. If heading up to the Boundary Waters is on your to do list, now is a good time to plan your route, take an inventory of your equipment, etc.
  • Indoor Workout. Though we think there is a lot of value in getting outside, we realize it isn’t always possible for various reason, especially for those in high risk groups and the immunocompromised. If that’s the case, and you still want to move your body, do an online fitness course. Sign up for a membership for an online workout subscription or search for some free ones on YouTube. There are so many resources available online to guide you through anything from yoga to weightlifting. Take advantage of them.
  • Indoor Equipment. If you have indoor equipment, dust it off and use it. That old treadmill sitting in your basement has been waiting for you.
  • Lift some weights. Grab your weights and start lifting. Don’t have any? Make do by using some cans of soup or the box of toilet paper you’ve been hoarding. Lift inside or outside, morning, noon or night.

Please note: We recommend following all suggestions from the CDC and health officials while taking part in any activities listed here. Since anything can change at a given notice, use your best judgement when doing them, and make sure you’re putting the good of the community and your health first.

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