10 Luxury Items For Your Next Canoe Trip

If you are looking to kick back and relax on you next canoe trip consider bringing these 10 luxury items  to make your time at camp more enjoyable.

#1 Helinox Camp chair

Sitting on the logs around a fire in the Boundary Waters is fine for a short time, but if you’re type that likes to lounge around camp reading a book or drinking coffee then having a nice chair like the Heliox chair one is worth the extra 2 pounds that it will add to the pack

#2 Eno Hammock

It’s hard to beat an afternoon nap in a hammock on a canoe trip. Eno hammocks are light weight and durable. At most camp site you’ll be able to find a few trees for hanging you hammock.

#3 Ripstop Nylon Tarp

Those cheap tarps from the hardware store work great for lots of things, but they are not meant to withstand being hung from trees and or used in strong winds.  A Ripstop Nylon tarp like the Eno Pro Fly allows you to hang a tighter and stronger shelter to protect you from the elements. No more dealing with loose tarps flapping in the wind or grommets ripping of tarps as you attempt to hang them. In addition these tarps are much lighter and will compact much smaller.

# 4 Nemo Fillo pillow

A good night sleep is essential to enjoying a canoe trip. If that pile of stinky clothes is not cutting it as a pillow consider bringing the Nemo Fillo. This pillow combines a memory foam pad and an inflatable air cell. They provide plenty of support and thickness without the weight and bulk in your pack.

# 5 Bug Gear

Don’t let mosquitoes and Black flies get the better of you. Pack protection in the form of a head net or better yet a Bug Shirt. For those really bad times of the season consider bringing a Nemo Bugout shelter. These shelters will give you an alternative to being chased into the tent when the mosquitoes come out for the night. In addition they can double as a rain fly.

#6 Water cube

Having a large water cube or bladder will make having plenty of water around camp easier, especially in big groups. Large water storage vessels allow you to only need to filter water once each night. If you do your one fill up away from shore it will help to keep your filter cleaner longer as you won’t be pulling small debris into the filter.

#7 Thermos

I always bring a thermos and fill it with hot water before bed. This way the coffee is ready as soon as I get up. If you are planning on a long travel day you’ll have enough water to make a quick oatmeal breakfast without digging out the stove and cook kit.

#8 Back up water purification

This item and the rest of my list are both safety and luxury items. Water filters are great and most people use one as their primary source of getting clean drinking water. Unfortunately it is possible for them to clog or break. For this reason it is good to have a back up option. Iodine or other chemical alternative will work in a pinch and ensure that you have safe drinking water.

# 9 Two sets of maps

Allows make sure have two sets of maps with your group. If you are on a trip with multiple boats one map can be in each boat and you’ll have multiple navigators. If you are a small group traveling in just one boat it is a good idea to have a back up map in your pack. This was in the event of a capsize or a map being lost you will have a back up.

#10 Dry Bags

Don’t forget dry bags. As minimum clothing and sleeping bags should be kept in dry bags as you travel. This is especially important in spring and fall, but colder wet weather can happen year round in canoe country. In the event of a capsize or soaking rain you need to be sure that you will have dry gear to stay warm once you have reached camp.


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