Set up a Snowtrekker Hot Tent and Stove

Learn how to set up a Snowtrekker hot tent and stove:

Sawtooth Outfitters’ wilderness guide provides instruction on setting up the Snowtreckker canvas wall tent for winter camping. From start to finish, this video has everything you need to know before picking up your tent for your winter camping experience. See text instructions below:

Step 1: Site Prep (0:34)
If the snow is shallow, simply dig down to the ground or Ice slightly larger than the dimensions of the tent. If the snow is deep, an alternative is to pack the snow with your skis or snowshoes and level out the space upon which you will construct the tent.

Step 2: What’s in the Bag (1:00)
Small bag – contains 6 guy lines with orange clips, one guy line with leather sleeve, two unions for ridge-to-corner connection, bundle of stakes.
Large Bag – contains 4 corner poles open at top with white footers at base, 1 ridge pole open at both ends with silver joints, 2 side wall poles closed at each end with gold joints, 7 smaller gold poles for side and rear wall support.

Step 3: Constructing the Frame (2:18)
Join two corners with the ridge pole on one end of the frame using the orange union. Repeat this step on the opposite end of the ridge pole. Insure all four corners are stable and secure before unfolding canvas tent over the ridge pole. Pull all four corners of the tent down to the four corner pole footings and secure them in the four sewn tent pockets. This attaches the frame to the tent.

Step 4: Securing the Side Walls (3:22)
Slide the appropriate pole through the four horizontal sleeves sewn into the side wall of the tent. Attach the three guy lines via the orange clips to the pole between gaps in sleeves. Attach the small gold pole to eyelet at base of tent vertically to meet in eyelet of guy line component. Loosen caming device on each guy line to appropriate length. Anchor each guy line using a stake, natural anchor, or snow anchor. Remove any remaining tension by tightening caming device.

Step 5: Securing the Rear and Front Wall (5:16)
Slide the last remaining smaller gold pole through on sleeve sewn into rear wall of the tent. Thread the pole through the leather sleeve on the last remaining guy line then continue pushing pole through second sleeve sewn into the tent wall. Anchor out the guy line to full tension. The front wall guy lines are already attached to the tent and need to be secured and fully tensioned otherwise the front of the tent can get blown into the hot wood stove.

Step 6: Snow Anchor (5:49)
If no natural anchors exist for your guy lines or the snow is too deep for the stakes, you can construct a snow anchor. Attach the guy line to an object with enough mass to be buried and secured under the snow. Dig a hole and bury the object. Increase to full tension using the caming device on the guy line.

Step 7: Snow Flaps (6:43)
The black snow flaps extend from the base of the tent wall and should be positioned out away from tent. While standing outside the tent, spread the snowflaps out and bury them in snow until the weight of the snow is sufficient to anchor the walls and prevent strong winds from lifting the walls.

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