Bike the Hill Climb

Hey bikers do we have a killer bike course for you. Do not have a bike? This is no problem, Sawtooth Outfitters rents bikes and you can leave right from the parking lot. This route is called the hill climb route and it certainty lives up to its name.  The ride is a little over 20 miles.  For the average rider you can approximate on riding for around two hours.  This route has you warm up right away with your first hill, climbing the Sawbill Trail/County Rd 2, ride past where pavement ends and continue on the gravel until you get to the Six Hundred Rd/Forest Rd 166. Take a left and cross over the Temperance River.  Feel free to take up the road and take in all its gorgeousness. This road is closed to all vehicles, just watch out for the occasional ATV.  The Six Hundred RD has the famous Heartbreak Hill. Once you havve made it to the top of this hill you are halfway through your ride. Feel free to stop and give yourself a nice pat on the back and maybe a let out a little “woo hoo”, I know I did.  Continue to ride until you get to 343/Temperance River Rd turn left and ride this down to the lake.  On this road you will see the beautiful views of Carlton Peak and the river valley so don’t ride too fast and miss it all.  The best and safest way to get back to the shop is to turn left onto the Gitchi-Gami trail rather than taking Hwy 61 back to Sawtooth Outfitters.

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