Kayak Fourmile Lake

Looking for a great adventure for the day? Grab a Kayak and get out on the water. One of our favorite inland lakes to go explore is Fourmile Lake located only 15 miles from Sawtooth Outfitters.  With no houses or cabins on this lake and minimal use by boaters this lake makes you feel like you are out in the BWCA. Three campsites are located on the lake making for a great area to rest and eat lunch. One located on the east end of the island and two on the south side of the lake.  Although, this lake is not large there is plenty to explore.  There is an eagle’s nest on the west end of the island. The best view point is to paddle to the south side of island and look from there.  If you paddle to the far west end of lake there is creek  you can paddle up that has been home to moose around the area.  Best time to see the moose is early in the day. Come grab a kayak and get your paddle on!


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