Skijoring; I am unsure about whom is going to have more fun, you or your dog. Either way it is a great way to get outside and get some quality time in with your best friend. Get a few friends together and make it a race. Here at Sawtooth Outfitters we have everything you need to get started Skijoring.

Sugarbush Trails has the two wonderful locations for Skijoring. The first location is out of the Britton Peak trailhead. It is 1.3 km gradually going uphill to the end of the Summit View Trail and is a mix between beginner and intermediate level skiing.  The second location is out of Moose Fence and is the Upland Loop.  It is 1.5 km of beginner trails to get to the start of the loop. The Upland loop is 2.4 km and considered to be an intermediate level and has a few hills.  Remember when skiing with your dog you are in charge of keeping your dog under control and  picking up any droppings left by your dog.  Most important rule is to have fun!

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