Lose that Winter Flab

Cross country skiing is easily one of top full body toning workouts you can do. It has been said to be the most demanding cardio sport in the world. Best thing about it is you can do this at virtually any age because of the low impact on your joints. Cross country skiing is a high caliber cardio workout that is guaranteed to burn many calories and help your mental health by creating an endorphin rush. This is because cross country skiing uses almost every muscle in your body unlike running or cycling. While you ski you are doing a pulling pushing motion, this is using your muscles in best way possible. Muscles that appear to be doing nothing are actually helping is balance and coordination. Much like a cross fit workout where you are constantly changing and challenging your muscles, cross country skiing you are doing the same thing. Skiing is an excellent aerobic workout, and because no single muscle group is overstressed, the activity can be sustained for hours on end.  As a result, a fast heart rate is also sustained for a long duration. Thus, creating oxygen rich blood that flows to every organ in the body.

The chart below will help you to see how cross country skiing stacks up against the competition.
*Based on 150 lbs person, calories burned per hour
Cross-Country Skiing (vigorous mountaineering)  1,122
Cross-Country Skiing (competitive racing)  952
Boxing (competitive)  816
Elliptical Training Equipment (vigorous)  816
Swimming (competitive crawl)  748
Bicycling (14-15.9 mph, vigorous)  680
Cross-country Skiing (brisk recreational)  612
Stair-Stepper Equipment (vigorous)  612
Football (competitive game)  612
Tennis Match (singles)  544
Speed Walking  442
Golfing (walking, pulling clubs)  292

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