Etiquette for Downhill and Cross Country Skiing

Ski and Snowboard Etiquette 

  • Avoid scraping boards and skis when standing in line.  Those few centimeters that you push your skis up to try to get as close to the person ahead of you as you can, is not going to make bit of difference on how soon you get on the lift. Do everyone a favor and give yourself space and keep everyone’s equipment in great shape.
  • Share the chairlifts. Everyone wants to get to the top of run just as bad as you do. Do not be afraid to split your group to fill in empty spots on the chairlift, you can all regroup at the top.  Who knows you may even make a new friend.

Cross Country Skiing Etiquette

  • No bikes, dogs, horses, snowshoes, hikers and snowmobiles on groomed trails. It costs thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours to groom a trail. Be respectful and stay off them unless you are skiing.
  • Do not walk on trail. Ski trails are for skiing not walking! Your foot prints ruin the trail for everyone. We have the beautiful Superior Hiking trail for anyone looking to do some hiking or snowshoeing.
  • Skate skiers should be respectful of classic tracks and make every effort to not ski over them.
  • Classic skiers should stay in tracks except to get out for steep climbs or fast descents with curves. Skate lanes are not for classic skiing so avoid skiing side by side unless there is a double track.
  • When using a Skijoring trail make sure you pick up after your dog.

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