Covid-19 Update:

We have received official notice that the BWCA wilderness is open to overnight camping and the fire ban has been lifted. Developed campsites within the SNF are still closed however dispersed camping and single campsites that can be traveled to by boat or on foot are open. Some developed campsites within the forest may stay closed all season. As soon as we get an official list of those closures we will post it on this page.

Campsite update: Here is a list of SNF campsites that will be open on  June 1st.

Now that we have reopened, there will be changes to how business has been done in the past. We will be following CDC guidelines to the best of our ability. This will include rearranging our store to allow space for safe distancing as well as limiting the number of people into the building at any particular time. For customer convenience, hand sanitizer will be provided at the door and at the counter within the store. The use of masks inside the building has beem mandated by MN Governor Walz. Please wear a mask otherwise our business can be fined for allowing people inside without one. Our staff will be required to wear masks while working inside the building or when safe distancing isn’t optimal outside the building.

BWCA permits will only be issued virtually which means we will not be showing the videos and printing permits on premises. Permit holders will be responsible for printing their own permits from the permit confirmation and for making sure everyone has seen the videos and follows the rules. We can assist with permit availability and modifications but only virtually (by email or phone) not in person.

Rental equipment will be disinfected after each use and facility spaces/surfaces disinfected on a daily basis.

We are booking guided tours for single groups only (no mixed groups). Equipment will be shuttled but not people — so that means participants will have to either follow the shuttle with their own vehicle or meet the guide at the designated tour location. (All Tours have been temporarily cancelled for the rest of the season)

Mountain bike shuttles will also be equipment only.

Superior hiking trail shuttles have been temporarily discontinued for this season.

Will will update this page with new information as needed.